About us

Who We Are
Goose Limited is an innovation-driven lifestyle company that provides finest quality bags and accessories, which are produced from the best natural sources. Goose has begun its journey with an objective to make available the finest products to those who are passionate about style and who are in search of continuous innovation to make a unique style statement. At Goose we are continuously striving to develop innovative design. At the same time, we are highly devoted to supply products as per customers' requirements as we have passion for customer support and services.
The raw materials that we are using at Goose are sourced from the best natural resources available. None, but the beauty of earth can tremendously color our lives. Goose diligently decodes this beauty into products that stand for passion.
We are continuously striving for excellence in craftsmanship. Excellence in craftsmanship makes every piece of our products inimitable. At Goose, we passionately understand our customers and produce every piece of products as unique as possible. We believe in our people including our craftsmen who can make a real difference. At Goose, people are considered as the most valuable asset as the knowledge and skill of human beings is appreciated along with the time.
What We Do
We, at Goose, create products with a combination of marvelous craftsmanship, finest quality of leather & accessories and the art that gives a style that enhances lifestyle. We bring world-class, finest quality leather products that are sensibly priced. Our products are high-end, but premium free – in spite of being representing an international brand. We have a deep concern for your hard earnings, which you should spend on quality products, rather than spending on premium ones. We bring in leather and leather combinations and lifestyle products for all age groups. Goose is dedicated in innovating need-based products and requirements. Goose does research on usage of products to bring out the best products that suit the unique requirements of work, office, travel & tech, young group, party and functions and the other areas of product needs. We provide guarantee for our products to safeguard our users’ interests. We create products with emotions for you & your loved ones. When it comes to buying leather articles, make Goose as your preferred choice as we define style with style.    
Why Goose
  • Provides finest quality leather goods with a passion for style and natural products
  • Understands the usage & needs of customers for leather products
  • Creates value and makes a real difference for the users
  • Products are sensibly priced avoiding extra premium
  • Focuses on innovation, research & unmatched craftsmanship
  • Provides guarantee on Goose products that are durable and add value for money
  • Delivers quality products at your door step
Quality & Craftsmanship
People have a strong attachment with the bags and accessories they carry with them. The bags and accessories they carry epitomize their individuality. We put utmost focus on the quality and craftsmanship of every single piece of product to ensure that it becomes very unique and expresses distinct individuality. Our local artisans create products from exceptional quality leather with immense love and care. In addition, we use superb quality zips, lining and other materials that stand the test of time.
Innovation & Designs
Goose’s dedication for innovation and great designs brings out some of the best products for individuals who want to have a unique style of their own. Goose has classical and trending leather products that suit individual style and choice. Developing products as stronger as wild; as classical as ancient and as trendy as modern is Goose’s uniqueness. The innovation lies in bespoke hand crafting, developing best leather pattern and colors, and stitching with finest-quality-strong threads that stand out differently. Dedicated designing team and diehard craftsmen give edge to our products each time when they develop new designs and patterns that suit your individuality. We are committed to innovate leather articles and create the best style.
Our driving principle is innovation.  A fashionable and well-dressed individual deserves classily designed bags and accessories to express their individuality. Goose thrives on uniqueness through change as we produce a wide variety of new products in every season exploiting enormous creative thoughts and processes. All designs are inspired by both vintage and contemporary style. We pay utmost attention and put in lots of efforts ranging from the steps involved in material procurement to final product creation. This is enough attention for every detail that allows us to create unique masterpieces that stand apart. Usually, we do not produce our products through assembled line as we produce only a few items for a particular style. Each and every style is produced by handcraft with huge love and passion. All our passionate efforts make our creations unique – which truly represent one’s distinctiveness.
Finest Quality Leather |Classily Designed |Sensibly Priced
Goose is founded on the fundamental premise of offering our customers finest quality leather bags and accessories that are classily designed, authentically crafted and sensibly priced for almost a lifetime experience. We use high-quality leather exclusively without compromising our quality benchmark. We rather depend on skilled hands of our highly devoted team.  This finest quality leather and excellent workmanship ensure durability with which every piece of Goose creation can last as one of your oldest companions with you. We bring the product to you by pricing it sensibly and want you to use our premium products without paying brand premium price as the world does.
Know Your Leather
Different types of leather: Prior to understanding leather, let us understand animal skin. The inside of the animal skin covers flesh and the outside is exposed to the environment. The outer surface of animal skin besides hair also has grains – densely arranged dead cells that form a specific pattern due to tightly-packed sturdy fibres mostly of collagen. The tough grains on the outer surface offer protection against foreign agents and environmental conditions. The inner layer is known as dermis or corium – which is less densely pack on the inner side (collagen fibres are flexible and thinner) compared to the outer side (collagen fibres are tight and thicker). The corium becomes thicker and tighter as it approaches close to the grain. Collagen fibres in this layer offer strength and elasticity. As an animal ages, the corium becomes thicker, denser and tougher – owing to this reason calfskin is softer, smoother and thinner than the skin of older animals. In a nutshell, grain and corium are the two layers of animal skin or animal hide.
While buying leather products, as a consumer, you should know what you are buying and is it worth paying for the product you want to buy. The things to remember while buying leather include knowing proper terminology and types of leather and the ability to spot differences among different types of leather.
Grain leather
Grain leather is of two types: Top grain leather and full grain leather.
Top Grain Leather: This type of leather is corrected in some or the other way. It is called as top grain leather.
Full Grain Leather: In this type of leather, the entire grain is kept completely intact with all the blemishes, scars, stretch marks and bands. In spite of all such blemishes and marks, this type of leather is in high-demand and even expensive. Owing to its longevity and durability, it is the most sought-after leather across the globe.
The grain leather is further classified into three types: aniline, semi-aniline and protected.
Aniline leather: To obtain this type of leather, animal hide (skin) is processed with soluble dyes. This type of processing retains the texture and natural marking of the leather without requiring surface coating or pigments. Aniline leather is the most natural looking leather. However, it is prone to staining, fading and scratching.
Semi-aniline leather: To obtain this type of leather, animal hide (skin) is treated with pigments to conceal blemishes and obtain uniform coating. This type of leather stays more protected.
Protected leather: This type of grain leather is protected with a non-leather coating, which is sprayed as a protectant.
Split leather: This type of leather is known to us by different names. The layer of skin that is split off from the corium and grain junction - which is less densely pack on the inner side (collagen fibers are flexible and thinner) compared to the outer side (collagen fibers are tight and thicker) is known as split leather. This is the most confusing type of leather for a layperson.  It is most often referred to as genuine leather. However, there is no consistency in the usage of this term. Genuine leather is mostly used to mean real leather to differentiate it from the manmade faux leather. Though split leather is the appropriate term, there are several terms used to refer this type of leather, such as coated leather, embossed leather, Suede leather, corrected leather, painted leather and Napa leather.
Split leather is processed into a finished split to make it durable and strong. To ensure this, the leather is sliced down a bit thinner and is coated with a polymer – which looks like a grain leather.
Suede leather: The split leather is processed further and textured to get a napped finish (soft finish). Its softness and pliability make it useful for some applications.
Suede leather looks similar to nubuck leather as it has smooth nap finish – but nubuck leather is a much stronger and durable leather. The texture of it looks similar to Suede leather.
Bonded leather: It is the lowest grade of leather; which means, not a real leather. It is rather a reconstituted leather – made by assembling bits and scraps of shredded leather with a filler and then backing them with an embossed polyurethane coating. It is cheap and not so durable as it disintegrates easily. The leather is also referred to as blended or reconstituted leather. It is used in low-grade furniture lining, sofa sets and other accessories.
Leather Tanning
Leather should not be confused with a raw skin of animal or animal hide. It is rather a processed material formed after tanning animal hide (cattle, goat, buffalo, cow) in tanneries. There are several parameters and factors that define the type of leather produced including – the source of raw material (animal hide), the type of tanning, processing of tanning and the final finishing process.  Tanning process is centuries old. It has been evolving over the years and now the complete process has become automated by using machines.
What is leather tanning?
Leather is not the raw skin of animal as it is considered by many people. It is rather a processed material obtained after tanning animal skin in tanneries. The source of raw material, the type of tanning and the finishing process – all define the quality and classification of leather.
The process by which raw animal hide or skin is converted into leather to turn it into a durable and stable material to prevent decomposition is known as tanning. The agents that are used in tanning include salts, plants’ products like tannin, animal and fish oils and salts of chromium. Thus animal-based, plant-based and mineral products can be used for tanning. Tanned leather is used for a variety of leather products such as handbags, purses, wallets, shoes, gloves, upholstery, briefcases and jackets.
Types of leather tanning
The initial stages of tanning involve submerging animal skin or hide in water to soften and clean it and then curing it with salt. This process by reducing water & moisture content discourages bacterial growth and protects the hide from deterioration. Thus, the hide can be preserved for longer time.
After initial processing, the cured hide is further soaked in water to remove excess salt. Next, the hide is treated with milk of lime (liming process), which removes unwanted materials, keratins and other proteins from the hide. Furthermore, the hide is subjected to additional treatments to ensure optimal PH of the collagen for the completion of tanning process.
Different types of tanning processes that are employed to produce several types of leather include the following:
Vegetable tanning: In this type of tanning process, plant-based materials such as bark, roots, leaves and fruits can be used to make vegetable tannins that help in the production of naturally smooth, flexible and supple leather. Acacia, mangrove, chestnut and oak tree barks are used in vegetable tanning process.
Aldehyde Tanning: Leather processed by aldehyde tanning process is chrome-free. It is basically used in products that require sensitive type of tanning approach as it may be used by infants and children. Leather tanned by this type of tanning process looks more natural and has creamy colour – owing to which it is often referred to as wet white leather.
Chrome tanning: This type of tanning process involves treating leather with chromium sulphate to make raw hide into leather. The hide tanned and made into leather by this process appear quite distinct with blue colour – owing to which, leather produced by this method is known as wet blue leather. Chrome tanning takes less time than vegetable tanning and produces leather which is soft, smooth, flexible and supple and it is reasonably good for ladies’ handbags, purses, bags, jackets and clothes.
According to the required and desired features of the final leather and its products, several types of tanning methods may be employed including the usage of aluminium salts and formaldehyde.
Leather Care
A leather bag is a precious and favourable possession to have for almost everyone. The time-consuming process of leather tanning, the careful thoughts given to details in craftsmanship for producing premium quality leather bags have made Goose leather products very special and precious. One should keep in mind the fact that our leather products are not made from metal, ceramic or any synthetic material. These are organic artifacts – which may deteriorate and fade if proper care is not taken to preserve them. Good quality leather bags can last for years if proper care is taken. Proper care prevents the leather from drying out and cracking and protects it from excessive moisture that can cause growth of mold.  So, a good quality leather bag deserves better treatment with care.
  • Store your leather bag in its original bag with stuffing to maintain the shape.
  • Keep a packet of silica gel inside the bag so that it will not be dumped.
  • Air once in every two weeks to prevent the growth of mold.
Time-tested quality leather lasts longer because it is made durable by improving its longevity with some very special manufacturing techniques and processes. You should preserve it with care to ensure that it will last lifetime. But, preservation is not confined only to taking care, but knowing and implementing what is necessary to ensure its durability.
Clean, condition and protect your leather
You can maintain softness and suppleness of leather by ensuring a proper cleaning regimen. When you take care of your leather product, you can maintain it for longer. The conditioning of leather also depends on the geographical location in which you are living. If it is a hot and humid climate zone, then your leather may need conditioning especially when it starts to fade, look dull, seemingly feeble and less svelte. As your skin needs conditioning to look fresh, shiny and oily, so is your leather whenever it goes dry.
Leather maintenance tips
Never use water alone to swipe or clean or wet and soak leather – rather use a cotton cloth soaked in water to clean it – and then remove wetness by using another clean and dry cloth.
When leather gets wet, then try to soak water by using a thick cotton cloth ensuring that no more water remains – dry the leather afterwards.
Do not use any unrecognized chemical, agent or alcohol or any other liquid to clean your leather goods.
Avoid exposing leather to direct sunlight as it tends to dry and fade the leather. Sunlight dries out leather making it brittle – brittleness cracks and deteriorate your leather.
Avoid storing leather in humid conditions or too hot or too cold conditions – always ensure dry environment for storing leather.
Don’t keep cosmetics open inside leather bags – ensure that they are properly covered prior to being put inside.
Don’t touch leather with greasy and oily hands as it is susceptible to absorb grease and oils.
Ensure that nail polish remover and turpentine should never come in contact with leather.
Don’t keep the stuff that might leak and spill inside leather bags – such as inks, nail polish, etc.
Don’t wrap leather in a plastic or any foil this will deprive aeration and causes leather deterioration.
Don’t stretch out your leather and worn it out. It will lose its originality this way.
Don’t keep leather unattended for several months or years together. It is better to use it periodically and dress it intermittently.
Never allow dirt and dirt particles to gather on leather – or else they may cause severe abrasion deep from inside – which will cause irreparable damage.
To clean dirt, use soft bristles brush. This will help in getting rid of dirt; use a soft cotton cloth to remove the remaining dirt. Next, use a damp cloth to clean the leather and then dry it off.
If you wet your leather in rain, then don’t try to dry it instantly using a drier or fire or any other means – rather let the leather dry at room temperature allowing it to settle a bit. 
Be careful when you visit to a hairdressing saloon with your bag on because hair sprays, hair care products and colouring agents can damage your leather. Therefore, keep your bag in a safe cabinet.
When you are not using leather bag, then you must take care of it while storing as well. To ensure this properly, store your bag in a natural-fabric case. If your bag has detachable metal chain, clamps or clips, then remove those and put them in a clean tissue paper and store separately. Stuff your unused bag with bubble wrap to restore and hold its shape. If you want to clean your bag prior to storing it, then allow it to completely air dry before storage.
Coconut oil works wonders
Coconut oil helps in rejuvenating your leather and preventing it from fading. Rub some coconut oil onto leather by moving your hand in circular motions and let the oil penetrate for at least 10 minutes – and then remove excess oil with a new clean cotton cloth.
Use vinegar and olive oil to condition your leather
Mix two parts of vinegar with one-part olive oil and keep this mixture in a spray bottle. If you want this mixture to smell better, add a few drops of fragrance-based natural essential oils to this mixture. Spray on your leather bag or purse and massage the entire surface with a clean cotton cloth in circular motions. Use a dry cloth to remove excess oil from the leather.
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Order Cancellation
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Product Descriptions
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  • Gooseyours.com manufactures premium quality leather products which are on par with international quality standards – and therefore, the company takes every possible measure and effort to ensure quality, safety, durability, performance, reliability, suitability and accuracy of the products. However, there might be a possibility of error in the product specification, information, description on the website. Therefore, Gooseyours.com deny any implied or expressed representations and disclaims any warranties with regard to products and services displayed, the products transacted or displayed or listed, their quality, durability, safety, performance, timeliness, completeness, reliability, accuracy, suitability, merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose – including but not restricted to product specifications, costs, product information on the website. Though Gooseyours.com takes all sorts of efforts and forethoughts to prevent inconsistencies, and inaccuracies in the content descriptions – the website including the products, services, graphics, software and the description and pricing of the products are offered as is.
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Indemnity and Release
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Other Businesses
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Alteration of Service or Amendments to the Conditions
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Events beyond our reasonable control
  • In circumstances which are not in our control, if any failure or delay arises from us, we shall not be held liable for such a failure or delay to act according to our responsibilities. The statutory rights of the users will not be affected with this term or condition.
  • Up on violations of any of these terms and conditions, if we do not take any action, then we will be qualified for a right according to the law to use our rights if a user is found to be violating our terms and conditions in any other circumstances.
Jurisdiction and Governing Law
  • The terms mentioned herewith are governed by and interpreted and comply by the laws of Bangladesh. You and we agree to submit any matter to the jurisdiction of the courts of Bangladesh.
Gooseyours.com Software Terms
  • The term software is applicable to any software that Gooseyours.com incorporates in the website with any upgrades or updates or with any other related documentation. Apart from the terms and conditions of use and sale, software terms will be made available to you on a regular basis to use Gooseyours.com website in connection with products and services.
Sanctions and Export Policy
  • A user may not be able to use Gooseyours.com website and its products and services if they are residing in a country that has enforced sanctions or sanctions that are consistent with the local governing laws imposed by the government of their country. In such cases, for using Gooseyours.com website, the user must comply with all import or export or any other relevant restrictions that may be applicable to the goods and services offered by Gooseyours.com and its affiliates.
Our Address
  • This website is operated by Goose Limited.
  • For the Gooseyours.com website, you can contact us by visiting: www.gooseyours.com/contact-us
Website Access Terms
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License for website access
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  • However, www.gooseyours.com grants you a non-exclusive, restricted and revocable right to create a hyperlink to the welcome page of the website subjected to the condition that the products and services of www.gooseyours.com shall not be projected in a denigrating, false, misleading or offensive manner. However, the link that you are linking must not use www.gooseyours.com logo, design, trademark, proprietary graphical representation of the company’s trade without obtaining any written permission of www.gooseyours.com and its affiliates.
Usage of the website
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Reviews, comments, communications and other content
  • www.gooseyours.com provides a provision for sending communications, content, comments, feedback, reviews, questions, ideas, suggestions on the portal provided the content is not defamatory, threatening, abusive, obscene, illegal, objectionable, infringing copyrights and intellectual proprietary rights, injurious to third parties and does not contain commercial and political campaigns, viruses, mass spam mails and chain letters.
  • If it is found that a user is using a dubious e-mail address or misleading the origin of the content in any way or impersonating any entity, group or person, then www.gooseyours.com – though not obligatorily, but reserves the right to edit, reject or remove such content at its sole discretion. Such fraudulent act may violate these terms and condition and prompt the termination of user account or use of the website.
  • If you submit content or provides it, www.gooseyours.com and its associates gets non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty-free rights which are completely sublicensable to display, distribute, translate, publish, adapt, modify, reproduce, use and make derivatives from it.
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  • You agree that the rights you offer are not cancellable during the complete tenure of protection of your intellectual property rights pertaining to that content or material. You further give your consent to not to be identified as the author of such content and object to the derogatory treatment of such content. Furthermore, you give your consent to carry on all additional acts mandatory to make the above rights apt to www.gooseyours.com, such as carrying out documents and deeds whenever it requests.
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Claims against objectionable content
  • Www.gooseyours.com is an online e-commerce portal wherein thousands of customers engage. The portal offers hundreds of premium leather products. Owing to which there are thousands of comments – and therefore – reviewing and correcting them all may not be possible. Therefore, www.gooseyours.com takes such activities into account on the basis of receiving notice or claims against objectionable content and acting accordingly.
  • If you come across any content that is abusive, misleading, deceptive, ethnically objectionable, menacing, obscene, libelous, defamatory, disparaging, blasphemous, harassing, indecent, sexually explicit and pornographic or which promotes hatred, racism or bigotry – and that breaches privacy, confidentiality, trademark, rights of the individuals, proprietary information and that is harmful to others, third parties, children, minors or any other person. And if you notice that someone has uploaded any materials and data or promoting something that has viruses, commercial or political campaigns or which impersonates another person, which is harmful to minors, or which is offensive or illegal or promotes gambling and money laundering; or endangers security, integrity, unity and sovereignty of Bangladesh or any other country or which is illegal and unlawful, then please notify us immediately.  www.gooseyours.com shall make all efforts to remove such objectionable content at the earliest.
Products and Shipping        
Our Products
Do the prices vary for the same product?
No, the prices do not vary for the same product. The list price or suggested price is the full retail price of the product.
Is it necessary for me to have an account on Gooseyours.com to shop?
Yes, you should create an account with Gooseyours.com. If you logged-in to your account to shop, you will have a convenient, fast and secure shopping experience. You can access the website as a guest or by registering yourself as a registered user. However, guest users may not have all the benefits including special offers, promotional offers, discounts etc. those are reserved only for registered users.
Does gooseyours.com ship internationally?
Can I order a product that is “Out of Stock” or temporarily unavailable?
No, because a product listed as out of stock or temporarily unavailable is not currently available for sale. However, you can use notify feature to get informed about the product when it is available for sale.
How are items packaged?
Gooseyours.com follows standard packaging procedures and thus we pay utmost care to ensure quality packaging by using waterproof plastic wrapping and bubble wraps.
Are there any hidden charges?
There are no hidden charges when you shop on Gooseyours.com within Bangladesh. However, there are delivery charges if applicable. The price depicted on the product page is the final price, which is all inclusive. The amount you pay is exactly what you see on the product page. 
Does the estimated delivery time vary?
Yes, it may vary based on the location and the courier partner’s time to deliver to that location.
What are the payment options?
Internet banking, debit card, credit card and cash on delivery are the payment options.
What is the maximum order value for a cash on delivery order?
The maximum order value for a cash on delivery order is BDT 30,000.
Is Gooseyours.com responsible for lost or stolen packages?
Gooseyours.com ships the orders through third-party carriers – and therefore – the risk of loss and title for goods ordered passes on directly to the person who ordered the product. If you find it difficult to track your shipment, then contact the carrier service for help. You will find the details about the carrier in the shipping confirmation e-mail.
Shipping Process
We have concern for our customers’ satisfaction – and therefore – we ensure safe and efficient delivery of our products to our esteemed customers. The delivery will be done as reliably as possible with reasonable rates.
Carrier and courier options may differ according to the items and destination. However, immediately after placing an order, a customer can expect an automatic email with tracking details.
Shipping Rates
We offer free ground shipping on all orders above BDT 20,000 Within Bangladesh.
Shipping fee is non-refundable. Shipments arrival dates are tentative – and therefore, may vary. The shipping time is just an estimate. Shipping discounts may apply on bulk orders.
Shipping prices for shipments by air are based on destination and package dimensions and weight. You will get the exact shipping price once you load the items of your choice into the shopping cart and select your shipping destination.
Ground shipping within Bangladesh may take around 3 to 4 days (approximately).
Shipping Destinations
Gooseyours.com offers shipping within Bangladesh. Therefore, all the customers are requested to select their respective shipping destinations diligently. To ensure safe arrival of your purchased product, enter proper and secure shipping address.
Payment Process
Gooseyours.com provides several payment methods including online mode of payment – net banking, credit card and debit cards. Our trusted gateway partners use secure encryption technology – thereby ensuring security and confidentiality of all of yours online transactions. You can avail cash on delivery option as well for making your purchases on gooseyours.com.
The price depicted on the product page is the final price, which is all inclusive. The amount you pay is exactly what you see on the product page. If free delivery is not indicated, then you may have to pay delivery charges extra. Shipping charges may vary depending on the weight and dimensions of the packages and the location of delivery.
For cash-on-delivery orders, we do not accept credit cards or debit cards. The payment should have to be done in cash – only in Bangladeshi Taka.
Safety of Your Credentials
Goose uses topmost level of online transaction security (encryption technology) that helps in protecting card information. The information is securely transmitted to the respective banks for payment processing. Banks manage their own secure and trusted payment gateways. Therefore, all debit and credit card transactions done on Gooseyours.com are processed through secure gateways with an additional layer of security called identity verification.
Payment through Internet Banking
Gooseyours.com provides the option of making payment through Internet banking. You can make payment for your order through a highly secure internet banking transaction. You can use your mobile phone for making payment through debit or credit card or internet banking.